Monthly Archives: January 2021

Common Mistakes in Invoice Factoring

All businesses run into occasional cash flow issues, but did you know that the solution could be as simple as selling one or more of your accounts receivable invoices for quick access to cash? Invoice factoring is a popular way... Read More

3 Ways to Evaluate the Value of a Fix and Flip Property

Buying a home, fixing it up, and selling it for a profit is a popular investment. Perhaps you are thinking of checking it out for yourself but don’t know how to estimate the value of a potential property. Below are... Read More

Tips for Becoming a Great Leader

Most people recognize that they don’t have the skills or personal attributes to be a leader. It is also rare to find a natural-born leader, despite what the media may depict in movies and television shows. If you have stepped... Read More

How Startups Can Use Business Lines of Credit

Are you exploring alternative forms of business financing and need to know more about business lines of credit? You probably already have some idea of how lines of credit work if you have ever had a revolving credit card. They... Read More

Personality-Based Marketing

In marketing, the most important question you can ask on behalf of your business is “Who is my audience?” When you consider who your audience is, you have to consider multiple characteristics, including age, gender, nationality, behaviors, physical characteristics and... Read More