Monthly Archives: April 2021

Managing Your Small Business Cash Flow

Small businesses understand better than others the importance of maintaining a positive cash flow. Because of the economics of small business, making sure that adequate cash flow is available means the difference between keeping the company open and shutting the... Read More

Keep Your Small Business Organized with These Tools

Staying organized can seem like a job in itself. If you’re like most small business owners, you’ve got enough to handle just keeping things running smoothly. But it’s worth the time and trouble to get organized and stay that way.... Read More

It Makes Perfect Sense to Take on Business Debt in These Scenarios

It’s no secret that you have to invest money in your business if you expect it to grow. However, coming up with the money to invest in your business is easier said than done. Sometimes you might need to take... Read More

What is an Acquisition Loan?

Business is about starting and growing. Each of these phases takes money. An important way to get needed funding is to secure an acquisition loan, which is simply a loan granted to purchase a specified asset. What Are the Uses/Benefits... Read More

Rehabilitating Your Company’s Online Image

The Internet is an excellent resource for businesses, both for advertising and for selling products and services. However, the Internet also has downsides. Negative information travels very quickly, even if it is false, and businesses can quickly lose control of... Read More