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Changes in Retail Real Estate

Consumer shopping trends have changed significantly over the last few decades. With the introduction of ecommerce and added convenience of strip malls, many traditional malls and big-box stores have had to make major changes that have dramatically impacted retail real... Read More

3 Tips For an Effective Business Plan

If you’re looking to start a business, a great business plan is a necessity. It’ll keep you organized, help you secure funding, and ultimately help articulate a way to make a good idea into a reality. While there is no... Read More

Title: 3 Reasons to Invest in Equipment Financing

When it comes to running a business, there are a thousand moving parts constantly vying for your attention. And each of those moving parts require time, energy, focus, effort and of course – money. It may be difficult to know... Read More

3 Lending Options For a Small Business

Cash needs arise frequently in a small business environment, whether you’re just starting out or have built an established business. It’s important to be acquainted with a variety of lending options, to help you access cash when it’s needed —... Read More

Construction Loans 101

For homeowners, there are two options, buying or building a new one. Before deciding, it is essential to consider several variables. Building a new home is among the best decisions one can make. This, however, calls for effective financial planning.... Read More

Sources of Finance for Working Capital

Every business needs satisfactory working capital which is the difference between current assets and current liabilities, or simply put “liquid funds.” Having adequate working capital is crucial to the financial health of an enterprise. Working capital is used to make... Read More

8 Ways to Build Your Business Credit Score

Your credit score is among the many inhibitions that can make it hard to secure the right funding for your business. It is essential to build your credit score and find it easier to secure loans and other financial assistance... Read More

Business Loans for Veterans

Life after active military service can be hectic and confusing to most veterans. This can, however, be easy when one starts a small business or seeks to invest in an already established business. The challenge comes with raising the capital... Read More

Great Time Management Hacks for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs quickly learn that effective time management is an integral skill in successfully growing a business. Once your company is up and running, you will find that there always seems to be more to do than hours to do it... Read More

3 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Equipment Financing

As a result of the rapid pace of technological advancement in today’s business marketplace, it is not usually profitable to pay for hefty equipment using your working capital. After all, what happens when your equipment becomes obsolete? There’s little doubt... Read More