For homeowners, there are two options, buying or building a new one. Before deciding, it is essential to consider several variables. Building a new home is among the best decisions one can make. This, however, calls for effective financial planning. Financing a home from the ground up can be straining. It is for this reason that you should consider securing construction loans. But what are they? How do they help meet your goals?

Intensive Definition of Construction Loans

These are short-term but with higher interest rates loans that help you cover the cost of building, renovating, or improving your home. Most lenders help you secure construction loans with the projected value of the home in mind. It is only after completing the project and calculating the value that you start the repayment process.

Types Of Construction Loans

Construction-to-Permanent Loans

For an individual with a definite construction plan and timelines, securing this type of loan becomes beneficial. The lender deals with the contractor or the builder until the project is complete. The project cost is then converted into a mortgage that you, as the homeowner, will handle. The repayment process is steady as you unlock the interest rates at closing.

Construction-Only Loans

With this type of loan, the repayment is in full once the construction process is complete. This works better when you have a large cash reserve that you can work with on the project.

Renovation Construction Loans

When you consider a fixer-upper, then you should consider these types of construction loans. They are mostly applicable in projects that involve government programs. There is an inclusion of projected costs in the mortgage with the purchase price.

Benefits of Construction Loans

The interests are only applicable during construction. This means you will avoid further charges after the project is complete.
They have flexible and friendly application terms. This, however, depends on the agreement you have with the lender. It is easier to work out the loan terms around your project needs.
There is scrutiny from the lender. This is beneficial as you work towards one objective in mind, completing the project on time and at a lower cost.

While owning a home is beneficial, you have to be thorough with the direction you take. Seeking financial guidance becomes essential, especially when looking for construction loans. Contact Monument Capital Solutions today for further professional guidance.