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Think print marketing has gone the way of the dodo bird? Think again. Print marketing is here to stay and is even enjoying a bit of a renaissance. With assistance from the print design and marketing team at Monument Capital Solutions, your company can reap the benefits of an advertising campaign that reaches new customers and engages old customers in new ways.

The Strengths of Print

Although you don’t want to put all your advertising eggs in one print basket, there are some advantages print marketing has over digital or online marketing. These advantages make it a great companion to an online campaign. The strengths of print include:

  • The perception of more credibility and trustworthiness
  • The lack of multitasking while reading creates a longer attention span
  • The ability to engage readers more effectively and commit them to action
  • The flexibility to tailor your campaigns precisely to specific publications

The Longevity of Print

With online advertising, the ad is only in front of the customer as long as they stay on that webpage. One more click, and the add is gone. Print is tangible. Customers can hold that flyer in their hand. They can tack it on their fridge or hang it behind their desk. Contact us today to learn how print marketing can work for you.


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